S01E07 - Make Rebecca Great Again

No: 7  |  Season: 1   Episode: 7  |  Air Date: 11-Sep-20  |  Runtime: mins


Rebecca deals with her anniversary blues. Ted signs papers and has a small breakdown. A old friend of Rebecca introduces herself to Ted.

Director and Writers

Director: Declan Lowney
Writers: Story by: Joe Kelly & Brendan Hunt Teleplay by: Jason Sudeikis


Coach Beard: Still haven't told him John and George are dead?
Ted: They're what?
Beard: It was Keith Richards.

Keeley: I just want to say up front that I'm really flattered you asked me to come this weekend.
Rebecca: Oh. Come on now.
Keeley: But, hey, we're both single. I think you are super hot. If I'm gonna dip my toe back into the lady pool, I can't think of a finer body of water to do it with than you.

Ted: Obviously we're bummed out that O'Brien tore his butt.
O'Brien: It's my upper hamstring, Coach.
Ted: You tore your butt, son. There's nothing to be ashamed of, okay? It happens. People tear their butts all the time in athletics. You're not alone, man. (To COach Beard) Hey, Coach, you've torn your butt a few times, right?
Coach Beard: Three times.

Reporter: I'm wondering, how worried are you about the threat of relegation?
Ted: Lloyd, right now I'm mostly concerned with the definition of relegation.

Ted: (to reporters) All right. See you fellas in Liverpool, yeah? (Boards the bus) Oh. Hey! Last one there is a Scotch egg!

Nathan: So, just to remind you, the hotel furniture stays in the rooms, not the hallway or the pool. Nor are you allowed to ship it to your homes or other hotels, okay?

Ted: All right, fellas, we got team meal in an hour. After that, it's either gonna be movie night or a pillow fight. What's it gonna be this time around?
All: Movie night.
Ted: All right. But I tell you what, y'all say "pillow fight" one time, and we'll never watch another movie together again.

Ted: Room 5150. Finally. Sammy Hagar, greatest lead singer in Van Halen history... In the post-David Lee Roth era.
Coach Beard: Thank you.
Ted: Coach, what room you got?
Coach Beard: 5148.
Ted: Hey.
Both: Howdy, neighbor.

Keeley on Hotel TV: Liverpool has much to offer when it comes to nightlife. From pubs and clubs, to the great Asian pastime of karaoke!
Keeley: I don't even remember doing this.

Ted: I'm just asking for your opinion. You understand that, yeah?
Nathan: Yeah.
Ted: And you got one, yes?
Nathan: Yeah.
Ted: Locked, loaded, ready to rip? Let me hear it.
Nathan: No.
Ted: Why not? What are you afraid's gonna happen if you tell me?
Nathan: That you won't like my idea and it makes you hate me. Then you fire me. Then I have to move back in with my parents and they'll be ashamed of me. Then everyone finds out back home and laughs at me until my face melts off. Excuse me. (leaves)
Coach Beard: Well, at least he didn't stammer.

Sassy: A fax machine, hey? Are you sending something to the year 1997?
Ted: Yeah, just a little note to myself telling me to buy Apple stock.

Concierge: Right, how can I help you?
Sassy: Well, I was gonna go out for a smoke and hope my friend picks up the check while I was gone. Then I saw Magnum, P.I. in line, figured I'd flirt with him as well. See what happens, you know?
Concierge: Oh, well, good luck.
Sassy: Yeah, I think I fu*ked it.
Concierge: I... I actually get off in about 30 minutes if you'd like to, uh... (she leaves) Of course not, why would you?

Nathan: (To Isaac) I've noticed of late... that you've been playing like a big, dumb pussy.
Issac: What the fu$k did you say to me, bruv?
Nathan: You're more concerned about looking tough than actually being tough. There's a way to be intimidating without being physical. I hope you don't mind me saying.

Nathan: (to Sam) You're constantly getting beat on the wings. It's 'cause you're indecisive. You second-guess more than a shitty psychic. The only African I know more imprisoned by their own thoughts is goddamn Nelson Mandela.

Nathan: (to Colin) You and all your fancy step over bullshit. Let me ask you this. Do you wax your pubes?
Colin: What?
Nathan: Did I stutter, dickhead? Do you wax your pubes? Yes or no.
Colin: No.
Nathan: Then why are you always trying to play like a Brazilian?

Dani: Whoo! Roast me, amigo.
Nathan: All right. You say that football is life, right?
Dani: Football is life.
Nathan: Yeah, well, then your defense is death. The only person I've seen lose their man more often is Carrie fu*king Bradshaw.

Nathan: (to Roy) The great Roy Kent. You're old now. And slow. And your focus drifts. But your speed and your smarts were never what made you who you are. It's your anger. That's your superpower. That's what made you one of the best midfielders in the history of this league. But I haven't seen it on the pitch at all this season, Roy. I mean, you used to run like you were angry at the grass. You'd kick the ball like you'd caught it fu$king your wife, for Christ's sake. But that anger doesn't come out anymore when you play. But it's still in there. And I'm afraid of what it's gonna do to you if you just keep it all for yourself.
(Roy rips a bench off the wall)
Roy: Let's go get these fu$kers.
(Team cheers)
Ted: (To Nathan) See? Told you it'd be fun.

Sassy: (to Rebecca) So, what's Marlboro Man's story, then? 'Cause I kinda wanna grab him by the ears and ride that little mustache like a Jet Ski.

Keeley: There you are. Fu*king hell. I thought you guys ditched me. Jesus, I didn't know that I had abandonment issues till right now.

Coach Beard: (singing karaoke) Caught in a bad romance. Ra-ra-ah-ah-ah Roma-roma-ma. Gaga, ooh-la-la. Want your bad romance.


"Wonderwall" by Oasis (Sam sings karaoke.)

"Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga (Coach Beard sings karaoke.)

"Let it Go" by Idina Menzel (Rebecca sings karaoke.)

"Decoder" by Pixellay (Ted's panic attack.)

"Strange" by Celest (End song.)

Notes and Trivia

Nick Mohammed was nominated for (did not win) a Primetime Emmy Award for "Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series" for the episode "Make Rebecca Great Again."

For directing the episode "Make Rebecca Great Again," Declan Lowney was nominated for (did not win) a 2021 Emmy for "Outstanding Directing For A Comedy Series."

For editing the episode "Make Rebecca Great Again," Melissa McCoy was nominated (did not win) for a 2021 Emmy for "Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing For A Comedy Series."

For writing the episode "Make Rebecca Great Again," Jason Sudeikis, Brendan Hunt and Joe Kelly were nominated (did not win) for a 2021 Emmy for "Outstanding Writing For A Comedy Series."


Richmond AFC are supposed to be away at Everton but the ground exterior and turnstiles shown are Fulham AFC.

Commenters say, "Welcome to Goodison Park." Footage showing Craven Cottage, Fulham FC home ground. Even FFC Home supporter sign is clearly visible.


Details about common filming locations such as The Crown and Anchor Pub, The Dog Pound Stadium and The Richmond Greyhounds practise field can be found here.

When Richmond traveled to play an away game at Everton, Goodison Park, in Liverpool, filming was actually done at Craven Cottage, home of Fulham FC of the Premier League. You even get a glimpse of the cranes from the construction of a new stands at the Cottage.


StarringJason SudeikisTed Lasso
StarringHannah WaddinghamRebecca Welton
StarringJeremy SwiftHiggins
StarringPhil DunsterJamie Tartt
StarringBrett GoldsteinRoy Kent
StarringBrendan HuntCoach Beard
StarringNick MohammedNathan Shelley
Starring (With)Juno TempleKeeley Jones
Guest StarringToheeb JimohSam Obisanya
Guest StarringAndrea AndersMichelle Lasso
Guest StarringEllie TaylorFlo 'Sassy' Collins
Co-StarringBilly HarrisColin
Co-StarringKola BokinniIsaac
Co-StarringCristo FernandezDani Rojas
Co-StarringMoe Jeudy-LamourThierry Zoreaux
Co-StarringArlo WhiteArlo White
Co-StarringChris PowellChris Powell
Co-StarringStephen ManasRichard
Co-StarringSamuel EdwardsGeoff
Co-StarringPaul FoxcroftPaul John Pope
Co-StarringMarcus OniludeMarcus
Co-StarringLloyd GriffithLloyd
Co-StarringGus TurnerHenry
Co-StarringHarry McMullenStevie