S02E06 - The Signal

No: 16  |  Season: 2   Episode: 6  |  Air Date: 27-Aug-21  |  Runtime: 35 mins


The Richmond Hounds are having success on the pitch, and even more so now that Coach Roy Kent discovers how to unleash the talent of Jamie Tartt. Coach Beard's strange relationship with Jane is a point of contention, while Rebecca enjoys a dalliance with a younger man. But who is her anonymous online crush? Ted's anxiety returns.

Director and Writers

Director: Erica Dunton
Writers: Brett Goldstein


Rebecca: Luca, do you believe in guardian angels?
Luca: Are they like Guardians of the Galaxy?

Dr. Sharon: You're doing great work, Colin. And I love your new mantra.
Colin: I'm a strong and capable man. I am not a piece of sh1t.
Dr. Sharon: You don't need the second part.

Ted: Hey, Doc. You get in any trouble last night?
Dr. Sharon: Nothing I care to speak about at work.
Ted: Doc, you are more mysterious than David Blaine reading a Sue Grafton novel at Area 51.

Dr. Sharon: Ted, make an appointment when you need to talk.
Ted: Hey, I talk all the time, Doc. Just let me follow you around for ten minutes. After five, you'll want me to hush my butt.

Ted: (to Keeley and Roy) Hey. I tell you what, I'm shipping the heck out of you two.
Roy: I'm calling HR.
Ted: Yeah, well, tell Mr. Pufnstuf I said hello. That is a joke for people born in the early to mid '70s.

Ted: I don't know about you fellas, but I am fired up for this FA Cup thing. I mean, come on. A March Madness tournament in the middle of our season featuring every dang team in the country? Yes, please. I mean, what we got? Davids versus Goliaths, right? You know? Rockys versus Apollos. Steve Wiebes against Billy Mitchells. What's another one, Coach?
Coach Beard: Pearl Jam versus Ticketmaster.
Ted: Classic battle of art versus commerce right there.

Ted: You back into floating office mode, huh?
Higgins: Yeah. But it's no bother. I'm a flaneur by nature.
Ted: I get that, yeah. Hey, Coach, what's a flaneur?
Coach Beard: A wanderer.

Ted: Diamond Dogs, mount up! Hey, Roy, you wanna sit in with us...
Roy: No! (leaves)
Ted: Okay. Yeah, shut that. (Higgins begins to climb through the window) He looks a little bit... Yeah, you're gonna come in through here. (Ted tries to help Higgins) That's fine. I got you. Just... Do you wanna... Dukes of Hazzard style, or as you guys probably call it, "the Earls of Risk."

Ted: One of my best friends growing up was this fella, Marcus Girard. He dated the same girl from grade school to high school to college, whole time. And she could be a little bit of a pill, if I'm being honest, you know? No reason to start lying now. And, well, I let him know that. I told him so. And he was not too pleased, all right? And that is the last time I ever gave a best man speech.

Nathan: I try to be outwardly supportive of all relationships due to my dad sabotaging one of my first loves. In year four, he sat me and my classmate, Nadia Shookums, down in the living room and said he thought we could both do better. Well, she listened to him.
Ted: Boy, that's a heaping spoonful of truth soup right there.

Ted: Diamond Dogs dismount.
(all bark together)
Roy: Stupid barking means it's over, right?

Ted: Hi, Rebecca's mom. Hey, fellas. Say hi.
Team: Hi, Rebecca's mum.
Deborah: Hello, boys. And the name's not Rebecca's mum, it's Deborah. I'm a work in progress, a voracious book on tape listener and a staunch believer that if you get dealt lemons in life, then you should make lemon lavender mojitos.

Ted: Boy, I love meeting people's moms. It's like reading an instruction manual as to why they're nuts.
Coach Beard: (yelling fanatically) Let's go!
Ted: How's Mrs. Beard doing, by the way?
Coach Beard: Full-blown QAnon.
Ted: Yep.

Coach Beard: No horseradish?
Ted: I thought you were allergic?
Coach Beard: To horses and radishes.
Ted: I'm sorry.

Keeley: Do you reckon you'd be up for driving us back from lunch?
Ted: Sure, I'll give it a shot.
Keeley: I've got some creative work I wanna do this afternoon and I kinda wanna be a little buzzed for it.
Ted: Seems like a great idea all around.

Ted: Keeley, you got any advice for this young, half-dressed fella (referring to Jamie) on how to get through to Roy?
Keeley: I agree.
Ted: That's a confusing way to answer that question. Am I wrong?
Keeley: No, I mean, I agree with Roy. Just agree with everything that he throws at you. Really takes the anger wind out of his brat sails.

Deborah: You see, there comes a point when you realize life is long, and it's also very short. And sometimes it's neither. But it is always what it is, you know? So, I looked him in the eye and I said, "Paul, I'm leaving you." I'm gonna live my best life now, for as long as I can, until I die. Or until I'm murdered. And then I stood up, I flushed the toilet, I pulled up my trousers, and I walked straight out of there.
Keeley: That's incredible. Inspiring. You should do a TED Talk.
Ted: No, I agree. Yeah, 'cause right now you're getting a whole heap of "Ted listen."

Deborah: (referring to the noisy bar patrons) Could you tell them to stop shouting at the football?
Mae: What football? They're watching last night's Bake Off.
Bar Patrons: Look at that sponge! That's rubbish! Temper your chocolate, you twat!

Coach Beard: I was just thinking about you.
Jane: What were you thinking?
Coach Beard: That if you ever left me again I would throw myself off a cliff.
Jane: And I'd lay down at the bottom so you could land on me.
Coach Beard: (breathy) Jane Pain.

Jamie: Why won't you coach me?
Roy: Because you don't deserve it.
Jamie: You're right. I don't deserve it.
Roy: And the way you play is dull and conformist.
Jamie: It's true. I do play in quite a dull and conformisty way.
Roy: And you're ugly. You're an ugly, ugly boy. With bad hair. Say it.
Jamie: I am...
Roy: Yeah?
Jamie: I am an ugly, ugly boy... With hair that maybe could be slightly... With bad hair, fine!
Roy: Cheers. I enjoyed that.
Jamie: You f*cking arsehole!
Roy: Yeah. I know you are, but so are you.
Jamie: I'm trying to build bridges here.
Roy: You couldn't f*cking build Jeff Bridges.

Jamie: How will I know when?
Ted: I'm actually curious about that myself too.
Roy: We'll give you a signal.
Jamie: What signal?
Ted: Any specifics we need to look out for?
Roy: You'll know it when you see it.

Will: I swear, if we actually win this match, I will burn this pub to the ground. I will...
(Mae stares at him)
Will: ...knock over a chair. I will channel my raging enthusiasm into ways to help my community.

Jamie: Barnett, here's what's gonna happen, yeah. You're gonna foul me, and I'm gonna score all the way from back here.
Barnett: Piss off, Tartt.

Ted: Hey, what do you think? Trick play? You know, maybe a Loki's Toboggan or Upside-Down Taxi?
Roy: You don't need it. The little prick's gonna f*cking score from there.
Nathan: No way.
(Jamie places the ball)
Coach Beard: It's too far.
(Jamie kicks the goal)
Ted: Are you kidding me?

Rebecca: Your noise is back. What's up?
Higgins: I feel compelled to tell a friend something he won't want to hear.
Rebecca: Is this about Beard and Jane? I see her sometimes, lurking around the car park. I mean, she's a bit intense, but she's adorable. Like a tipsy Reese Witherspoon playing Running Charades.
Higgins: What's Running Charades?
Rebecca: What's Running Charades?

Keeley: You guys talking about Beard and Jane? She's quite the jealous type, right? She once followed me all the way home just to ask if Beard was shagging Ted.

Arlo: Well, we've seen this before. Lasso appears to be leaving?
Chris: I know that run. That's the run of a man who just ate a bad fish pie.
Arlo: Chris, is there a good fish pie?

Nathan: Colin, Dani, Richard, you're coming off.
Colin: Me?
Nathan: Yes, you, Colin. Park the bus! Park the bus! No one up front. Do it.

Reporter: It seemed like a negative strategy to pull everyone into defense when you needed a goal.
Nathan: Yes, but I knew they needed a goal too. As long as I made sure they couldn't get through, at some point, human nature, someone would screw up and we could exploit that.
Reporter: Impressive by an assistant coach.
Nathan: Just did what had to be done. It's not like I'm some kind of "wonder kid."
Reporter: Some kind of what?
Nathan: "Wonder kid."
Reporter: I think you mean wunderkind.
Nathan: Yeah? Yeah. Can we fix that with editing, or...
Reporter: No, we're live.

Higgins: (to Coach Beard) Look, let me ask you one question. You're a great man. Does Jane make you greater?
Coach Beard: (Cringes)
Higgins: Okay, look, I apologize. (moves to shake hands)
(Coach Beard pushes his hand away, then hugs him)
Higgins: Okay, okay. That...
Coach Beard: I hear you. I get it. We will never speak of this again.

Coach Beard: How was Finn?
Jane: He's like a Rembrandt. Beautiful to look at but so dim.


"Dancing Shoes" by Arctic Monkeys (Opening music)

"Jumpman" by Drake & Future (Isaac, Colin and Sam sing along while in a taxi)

"Only" by RY X (End music)

Notes and Trivia

The book Coach Beard is reading is "Football Against the Enemy" by Simon Kuper. It is based on the author's travels to 22 countries worldwide to examine the way football has shaped each country, and what differences lie behind each nation's distinctive style of play.


When television football analyst Seema Jaswal is first shown she has no pen on her pad of paper, but when they switch to a closer shot a pen suddenly appears.

When Jamie Tartt prepares to deliver the free kick there is a wall of three opposing players in front of him. In the next shot the wall now consists of six opposing players. However, a second later when he delivers the kick, the wall is back to three players.

A notchless iPhone appeared on screens during two scenes this episode, causing people to wonder if this was a preview of the iPhone 13. In both scenes, the phones look to be running iOS, but there's no notch on the top of the display, causing people to think this is either an iPhone 13 preview or a goof.


Details about common filming locations such as The Crown and Anchor Pub, The Dog Pound Stadium and The Richmond Greyhounds practise field can be found here.



StarringJason SudeikisTed Lasso
StarringHannah WaddinghamRebecca Welton
StarringJeremy SwiftHiggins
StarringPhil DunsterJamie Tartt
StarringBrett GoldsteinRoy Kent
StarringBrendan HuntCoach Beard
StarringNick MohammedNathan Shelley
StarringSarah NilesDr. Sharon Fieldstone
Starring (With)Juno TempleKeeley Jones
Guest StarringToheeb JimohSam Obisanya
Guest StarringCristo FernandezDani Rojas
Guest StarringKola BokinniIsaac
Guest StarringHarriet WalterDeborah
Guest StarringAnnette BadlandMae
Co-StarringBilly HarrisColin Hughes
Co-StarringMoe Jeudy-LamourThierry Zoreaux
Co-StarringStephen ManasRichard Montlaur
Co-StarringMohammed HashimMoe Bumbercatch
Co-StarringDavid ElsendoornJan Maas
Co-StarringIan WrightHimself
Co-StarringSeema JaswalHerself
Co-StarringPhoebe WalshJane
Co-StarringCharlie HiscockWill Kitman
Co-StarringArlo WhiteHimself
Co-StarringChris PowellHimself
Co-StarringAdam ColborneBaz
Co-StarringBronson WebbJeremy
Co-StarringKevin 'KG' GarryPaul
Co-StarringOliver SavileLuca
Co-StarringRuth D'SilvaMina
Co-StarringObi OparaLaughing Liam
Co-StarringEddie ArnoldBarnett
Co-StarringLloyd GriffithLloyd