Ted Lasso - Season 2

Arlo: Chris, can you even imagine starting a season with seven consecutive draws?
Chris: I sure can, Arlo. And that
S02E01 Goodbye Earl - 23-Jul-21
AFC Richmond brings in a sports psychologist to help the team overcome their unprecedented seven game tie-streak, and Ted is surprised by the immediate results. Roy discovers a new life as a retired footballer. Rebecca begins dating, and discovers she doesn't want to settle for just anyone.
S02E02 Lavender - 30-Jul-21
After being kicked off a seedy reality show, and fired by Man City, a dejected Jamie considers his next career move. Roy takes Keeley's advice and tries out a new gig. Ted makes strides in coming to terms with Dr. Sharon.
No, I
S02E03 Do the Right-est Thing - 6-Aug-21
When Rebecca is asked to look after her god-daughter, she discovers the most rewarding activity is letting the young girl shadow her at work. Jamie Tartt's return to the team turns out to be a rocky road. Due to unsavory business practices in Nigeria, Sam organizes a protest against one of the team's biggest sponsors.
This is great. I can wrap it around my booze.
S02E04 Carol of the Bells - 13-Aug-21
It's Christmas and the Richmond crew prepare to celebrate. Ted facetimes his son, and the distance sends him to drinking. However, he is rescued by Rebecca and taken on a mission of good cheer. Instead of a planned "Sexy Christmas," Keeley and Roy go on a mission to help Roy's niece Phoebe. Meanwhile, Higgins invites the team to his house, and most of them show up!
Well, please let us know if Mr. Kent ever wants the window table.
S02E05 Rainbow - 20-Aug-21
After a meek Nathan complains about not being able to get a table at a restaurant, Keeley and Rebecca teach him how to be more aggressive. Ted asks Roy to help a player who is having difficulty, eventually leading Roy to reconsider his role with the Richmond team. Rebecca's online relationship with a mystery man heats up.
Doc, you are more mysterious than David Blaine reading a Sue Grafton novel at Area 51.
S02E06 The Signal - 27-Aug-21
The Richmond Hounds are having success on the pitch, and even more so now that Coach Roy Kent discovers how to unleash the talent of Jamie Tartt. Coach Beard's strange relationship with Jane is a point of contention, while Rebecca enjoys a dalliance with a younger man. But who is her anonymous online crush? Ted's anxiety returns.
Hey, who am I? Don Draper, right?
S02E07 Headspace - 3-Sep-21
Ted begins to slowly work on his anxiety issues with Dr. Sharon. Nathan struggles with criticism, and lashes out in an ugly way. Meanwhile, Roy and Keeley struggle over a need for space until Roy gets advice from an unusual source.
S02E08 Man City - 10-Sep-21
Ted and Dr. Sarah's collegial relationship becomes stronger. As the team prepares for the semifinal against Man City, Jamie is strained by his relationship with his father. Rebecca bravely moves forward in a personal relationship.
(people singing) Blue moon... you saw me standing alone. Without a dream in my heart. Without a love of my own.
S02E09 Beard After Hours - 17-Sep-21
After the semifinal, a dejected Coach Beard sets out on an all-night odyssey through London in an effort to find more meaning to his life.
Congratulations, Mother. You
S02E10 No Weddings and a Funeral - 24-Sep-21
As the team rallies to show their support, Rebecca and her mother deal with a death in the family. Rebecca and Sam's relationship blossoms, until it hits a road block. Ted grapples with a piece of his past. Jamie admits he is not over Keeley.
Crowd chanting: Go, Sam Obisanya... Go, Sam Obisanya... Go, Sam Obisanya...
S02E11 Midnight Train to Royston - 1-Oct-21
A billionaire football enthusiast from Ghana makes Sam an unbelievable offer, causing both Sam and Rebecca to struggle with the future. Ted's plan to give Dr. Sharon a special going away gift goes awry. Roy and Keeley's relationship takes a strange turn. Nathan betrays one of his biggest supporters.
Richmond have done it! With that goal, they
S02E12 Inverting the Pyramid of Success - 8-Oct-21
Season finale. As the team prepares for the most important game of the season, Sam makes the most important decision of his career. Ted deals with the fallout of Trent Crimm's expose. Keeley celebrates good news, and a change of careers, while Roy supports her all the way. Nathan slips further into a pit of darkness.