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Dr. Sharon Quotes - Ted Lasso

Dr. Sharon quotes from the hit show "Ted Lasso"

S03E01 - Smells Like Mean Spirit (Dr. Sharon Quotes)

Boyfriend in bed: You finally got off.
Dr. Sharon: Not yet, I didn't.

S02E11 - Midnight Train to Royston (Dr. Sharon Quotes)

Dr. Sharon: (to Ted) Thanks to you, I've learned that expressing my vulnerabilities can help my patients with theirs. You helped me become a better therapist. And that's saying something, because I was already f*cking brilliant.
Ted: That's nice of you to say. And yet, you were gonna leave without letting me know any of that.
Dr. Sharon: Ted, it's all in the letter.
Ted: It's all in the letter! It's all in your... Okay, well, fine. I'll read your stupid-ass letter. Unbelievable. You spelled "favorite" wrong.
(Ted reads the letter)
Ted: It's a very good letter.

S02E10 - No Weddings and a Funeral (Dr. Sharon Quotes)

Ted: You want something to drink? A cup of tea or something?
Dr. Sharon: No, thank you. I hate tea. Tastes like a wet paper bag.

S02E08 - Man City (Dr. Sharon Quotes)

Dr. Sharon: He refuses to open up. And when he gets anywhere close to being vulnerable, he fires off a zinger or some obscure reference to something very specific to a 40-year-old white man from middle America.

Dr. Sharon: Mind your dog!
Dog Walker: What?
Dr. Sharon: He hates that sweater!

Dr. Sharon: (on a phone message recording) Ted, it's Sharon. I can't come to the phone right now. But if you want to talk my ear off about some bullshit because you're too afraid to properly emote, leave a message. Beep!
Dr. Sharon: (to Ted) I didn't mean it.
Ted: Come on now. You meant it a little bit. In concussio veritas, right? Ain't that the saying?

Dr. Sharon: After today, I was worried I'll be too scared to enjoy riding again.
Ted: I would say that fear's a lot like underwear...
Dr. Sharon: (interrupting) No, I don't want to discuss it. I don't need a pep talk.

S02E03 - Do the Right-est Thing (Dr. Sharon Quotes)

Sharon: Well, that was interesting.
Ted: Thank you, Doc. Yeah, little something we came up with back in Kansas. See, what we're doing is...
Sharon: You pretend to be an asshole. So the team make you their common enemy and not Jamie.
Ted: Yeah. Spot on.
Coach Beard: Oh, yeah. Got it right away.

S02E02 - Lavender (Dr. Sharon Quotes)

Sharon: Heavy is the head that wears the visor, Coach Lasso. You must have a lot on your mind.

Sharon: Prince of Tides.
Ted: Is that your nickname for me now?
Sharon: No, Coach Lasso. My favorite book.