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Ted: Sure, Roy here has slept with a bunch of different people in his past. But Keeley's got her own romantic and sexual history that predates Roy. And that's not okay!
Nathan: Oh, he means the opposite. I love it when Coach does sarcasm.
Roy: I can't control my feelings.
Ted: Well, then by all means you should let them control you.
Higgins: He's doing it again.
Ted: Good eye. Look, Roy, all this Chandler Bing-ing aside, do me a favor. Don't let her past muck around with y'all's future, okay?
Roy: She slept with him last night.
Nathan: I mean, are you two officially dating?
Roy: No.
Higgins: Have you already slept together?
Roy: No.
Ted: Coach, you wanna bring this home?
Coach Beard: Grow up and get over it.
Ted: The Diamond Dogs have struck again.
All Except Roy: (howling and barking)
Roy: You're all pricks.

Quote from S01E08 - The Diamond Dogs

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