Ted Lasso Quote

Ted: Hey. Who put a firecracker up your butt and lit it?
Coach Beard: You did! And I'm sick of it. Look, I understood this mission when we were in Kansas. But those were kids and these are professionals and winning does matter to them. And it matters to me. And that's okay. Ain't that right, Mae?
Mae: A-fu#king-men it is.
Coach Beard: How do you not get it? Losing has repercussions. We lose, we get relegated. We get relegated, this is over and we will have built nothing. And if you wanna pick a player's feelings over a coach's duty to make a point... I don't wanna drink with someone that selfish.
(Beard walks away, but is stopped by his ex-girlfriend Jane who is playing chess with another man)
Jane: That was the sexiest fu&king thing I've ever seen in my life.
Coach Beard: Get your things. (to Jane's chess partner) She's been toying with you. (moves a chess piece) Checkmate, mate.

Quote from S01E09 - All Apologies

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