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Ted: Today's lesson is "trick plays." At least, that's what we call 'em back home. What do they call 'em here again?
Coach Beard: Elaborate set pieces.
Ted: Yeah, we gonna stick with "trick plays." That's a lot more fun. Now, the idea behind every trick play is to have chaos rain down upon your opponents and stun them. Much like the lava did to those poor folks in Pompeii. So, I want y'all to think about every single trick play you have ever run your entire time playing this sport. Anybody got one? Yeah, Dani, what you got?
Dani: When I played for Tigres, we had a great set piece.
Ted: Did it have a name?
Dani: "The Sandman."
Ted: Yeah. Now we're cooking. "The Sandman." We're gonna learn that play today. Who else got one?
Sam: "Pepper Shakers."
Ted: "Pepper Shakers"? Yeah, plural. Gotta be two.
Colin: "Beckham's Todger."
Ted: Beckham, I know. Todger, I don't know.
Coach Beard: It's dirty.
Zoreaux: "Midnight Poutine."
Ted: Poutine?
Coach Beard: That's not dirty. It's just super Canadian.
Player: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.
Ted: Oh, with Dick Van Dyke. The owner of one of the most authentic English accents in the history of cinema. What do you got?
Player: "The Broken Tap."
Ted: All right. That's not a complaint, that's an actual play name?
Player: Think Man City will leak a lot of goals from it.
All Players: Whooaa!
Ted: Oh. Nice. Yeah?
Another Player: "Loki's Toboggan."
Another Player: "The Upside-Down Taxi."
Another Player: "Hadrian's Wall."
Another Player: "Dirty Martini."
Ted: Oh, I'd love to run that play three times right now. I love it. Do me a favor and toss "Lasso Special" up there just for the heck of it too.

Quote from S01E10 - The Hope that Kills You

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