Ted Lasso Quote

Ted: People saying there's something wrong with us. Not the way I see it, okay? And here's why: I believe in communism. (players murmur) Rom-communism, that is.
Bumbercatch: What is rom-communism?
Ted: Well, Bumbercatch, it is a world view that reminds us that romantic comedies with folks like Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan or, uh, Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant or... Who am I missing, Coach?
Coach Beard: (sighs)
Richard: Drew Barrymore?
Thoreaux: Matthew McConaughey, obviously.
Ted: All right, all right.
Jamie Tartt: The three Kates.
Colin: Yeah, Beckinsale, Hudson, Winslet.
Nathan: You forgot Blanchett.
Coach Beard: Different spelling.
Sam: I enjoy Renee Zellweger and all the Bridget Jones movies. Mmm. I mean, her accent is pitch perfect and her gift of physical comedy is grossly underrated.
Ted: Word!

Quote from S02E05 - Rainbow

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