Ted Lasso Quote

Jamie: Why won't you coach me?
Roy: Because you don't deserve it.
Jamie: You're right. I don't deserve it.
Roy: And the way you play is dull and conformist.
Jamie: It's true. I do play in quite a dull and conformisty way.
Roy: And you're ugly. You're an ugly, ugly boy. With bad hair. Say it.
Jamie: I am...
Roy: Yeah?
Jamie: I am an ugly, ugly boy... With hair that maybe could be slightly... With bad hair, fine!
Roy: Cheers. I enjoyed that.
Jamie: You f*cking arsehole!
Roy: Yeah. I know you are, but so are you.
Jamie: I'm trying to build bridges here.
Roy: You couldn't f*cking build Jeff Bridges.

Quote from S02E06 - The Signal

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