Ted Lasso Quote

Roy: Hey, Siri. Play the "Roy is sorry for not understanding Keeley" playlist. (Keeley giggles) I stole those roses from your neighbor's garden. Ripped them to shreds. And that... That's Phoebe's light, so I'm gonna have to give that back or I'm gonna get it in the neck. And that, that's a foot scrubber or something. The woman said it's good if you've got gross feet.
Keeley: What? You think I've got gross feet?
Roy: Babe, I think you're the cat's pajamas, but your feet are a f*cking state. (Keeley laughs) But who am I to judge? I found so much of my hair down the drain, it looked like a rat had got trapped and f*cking drowned.

Quote from S02E07 - Headspace

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