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Ted: (referring to Wembley Stadium) Focus up. All right, fellas, I want you to close your eyes. Look around. (stops) You know. I mean, open them up and take it all in. But remember, this right behind me, just a regular old football pitch. You take away the stadium and all the stands, I think you'll find it's the same size as our pitch back home on Nelson Road.
Coach Beard: Not exactly.
Ted: What's that?
Nathan: It's 500 square yards bigger.
Ted: Really? The pitches aren't the same size?
Roy: No!
Nathan: This is the biggest pitch in the country.
Coach Beard: Huge advantage for City.
Ted: Boy, oh, boy. This sport has the loosiest-goosiest rules of all. Tough to get my head around sometimes. Okay. All right. It's bigger. And, look, I know y'all grew up watching games on this field, so you're probably a little nervous. Shoot, I know I got goose bumps. I remember being a little kid, sitting in front of the television and watching Queen perform right over there during Live Aid.
Coach Beard: No, you didn't.
Roy: That was old Wembley.
Nathan: That field was even bigger.
Ted: It doesn't matter. Point is, guys, we're here now, okay? At this Wembley. The one that Freddie Mercury never stepped foot in. And this is our day to make history. And I believe we're gonna do just that.

Quote from S02E08 - Man City

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