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Ted: Hey, fellas, hold on a sec. I need to tell you all something. When I left the match against Tottenham, it... it wasn't 'cause, you know, my stomach was bothering me. It was 'cause I had a panic attack. I've been having them from time to time as of late, and I'm working on it. But I just want you all to know the truth. We good?
All: Oh, yeah. Yeah. Of course. Okay.
Ted: Okay, all right. All right, let's go get 'em. Richmond on three.
Higgins: Wait! I need to confess something too. I messed up the time zones on our transfer deadline, which is why we didn't sign up that amazing fullback from Brazil.
All: That's okay. Okay. Yeah, okay. All good. Okay. That's all right.
Ted: Yeah. Okay. Here we go.
Roy: I don't read the scouting reports you guys write. I've lied every time they've come up. They're boring, and I won't do it.
Ted: I appreciate that.
Nathan: I pretend to get ideas in the moment, but they're just good ideas I've had for months. I just time them to look spontaneous.
Higgins: It's a good move.
Ted: Illusion of the first time.
Coach Beard: There was one game this season where I was accidentally on mushrooms.
Nathan: "Accidentally"?
Coach Beard: I'd been at Jane's house, and I drank tea from the wrong pot.
Roy: The Port Vale match?
Coach Beard: Yeah. It won't happen again.
Ted: Thanks, guys. All right, let's go kick their butts.
Coach Beard: Butts on three.
Ted: Works for me. One, two, three.
All: Butts!
Ted: (To Coach Beard) You all fancy now, drinking tea, huh?
Coach Beard: I didn't know how to tell you.

Quote from S02E08 - Man City

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