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Security: Mr. Tartt. You have a visitor. Says he's your father.
Jamie: Yeah.
James Tartt: Are you decent? (to security) I told ya. Dick. (to the team) Oh, gentlemen! Gentlemen! Hey, it's a tough one, lads. It's a tough one, but no shame to it, 'cause, you know, we only ever beat everybody we play. So you pups had no chance. And there he is, my son. My own flesh and blood. Poor Jamie, my son. Now, maybe I'm thinking his heart's still in Manchester and that's why he missed that sitter in the first half. You absolutely balled it. You balled it. What were you thinking? I'm only kidding, hey. Hey, look, do us a favor and get Denbo and Bug past security. They wanna go on the pitch, take a few snaps, yeah?
Jamie: I'd rather 'em not.
James Tartt: Yeah, they just want to look around. It'll only take a second.
Jamie: I'd rather 'em not.
James Tartt: What? What, you're not gonna all go little moody bitch just 'cause you got your arse served to you on a plate, are ya?
Jamie: Don't speak to me like that. Don't speak to me like that. Don't speak to me like that.
James Tartt: Okay, well, let's see if you can hear this. You know that ickle TV show you made? You made it easier for Manchester City to kick you to the curb. And look where you are now. Twaddling about with a bunch of amateurs. (to team) No offense, no offense. (grabs Jamie) Don't turn your back on me, you pussy.
(Jamie punches him)

Quote from S02E08 - Man City

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