Ted Lasso Quote

Keeley: I found this company, and they bury you in a biodegradable sack. So when your body decomposes, it fertilizes the seeds of a fruit tree. That's what I want. Because then you and all the people that love me can eat the fruit from my tree.
Roy: That is f*cking mental.
Keeley: Coming from the guy that wants me to ruin a bus driver's life just 'cause he killed you swerving to avoid a child.
Roy: I didn't know about the f*cking child.
Keeley: I just like the idea that my death can nourish people.
Roy: With fruit made from your rotting corpse? I wouldn't eat that.
Keeley: But you'll eat a kebab that you find a hair in?
Roy: It's fine if you know who the hair is from. That's part of the deal. He's a lovely bloke.

Quote from S02E10 - No Weddings and a Funeral

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