Ted Lasso Quote

Edwin Akufo: I'm interested in buying one of your players. Sam Obisanya.
Keeley: (surprised) But Rebecca loves Sam.
Ted: Yeah, we all love Sam.
Keeley: Exactly.
Higgins: Also, Sam is under contract with us for another three years.
Edwin Akufo: Yes, I understand. Therefore, I would offer you a generous transfer fee of so much money that people would think I'm crazy, and you've taken advantage of me, in a financial, non-sexual way, of course.
Higgins: I believe he's making you an offer you can't refuse.
Ted: Oh, Godfather, I see you.
Rebecca: Well, I'm refusing an offer he can't make.
Ted: Is that a quote from the third movie?

Quote from S02E11 - Midnight Train to Royston

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