Ted Lasso Quote

Coach Beard: So, the one thing we cannot do against West Ham is the False Nine.
Roy: 'Cause that's Nate's shit.
Coach Beard: Exactly. So, we decided to go with our classic 4-4-2.
Roy: Which is exactly what that prick expects us to do.
Coach Beard: So, we do the opposite. Five up front. Full-on attack. But Nate knows we're gonna do that, because Nate knows that we're trying to outthink him by thinking like him.
Roy: Well, f*ck Nate, f*ck thinking and f*ck f*cking Socrates.
Coach Beard: So, we gotta stop thinking like Nate and start thinking like Nate would think we would think if Nate were thinking like us, and then do the last thing that Nate thinking like us thinking like Nate thinking like us would ever expect us to do... Have Zava drop back and play Nate's False Nine.
Roy: Voi-f*cking-la.
Higgins: Brilliant.

Quote from S03E04 - Big Week

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