Ted Lasso Quote

Trent Crimm: Everything okay, Ted?
Ted: Uh, Henry got bullied at school this morning.
Coach Beard: (angrily) If we leave right now and take the connecting flight through Paris, we can be in Kansas by noon, and that punk's house will be in ashes by 12:30!
Roy: No, no. Best thing you can do with bullies is ignore them. Then you sneak into their house at 4:00 a.m., which, statistically speaking, is the hour people are least prepared to defend themselves. And once you're standing over them, as they sleep in their bed, you start to beat them. With a thick, heavy rope soaked in red paint. Pummeling them over and over until they wake, confusing the paint for their own blood. When they beg you to stop, you laugh as loud as you can, for as long as you can. (Ted gulps) And then you start to beat them again. (Trent drops his mug)
Ted: Mmm. Yeah. You know, I may just hold off on anything like that until I connect with Michelle and just get the details, see what actually happened.
Roy: Yeah, all right. Yeah, fair enough.

Quote from S03E05 - Signs

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