Ted Lasso Quote

Anastasia: Can we please leave? I mean, the food is yummy, but it's just so dumpy and sad.
Nathan: Okay, look, I know it might not exactly be cool, but this place is important to me. This is where my family celebrated our birthdays, anniversaries. It's where we came after I got promoted as assistant coach at Richmond. (inhales deeply) Every important event in our lives has been spent here. And, to me, that makes this place even better than cool. (chuckles) Hmm. Oh, what am I thinking? We should get the saganaki!
Anastasia: Oh, I'm going to make a call. My friend has the flu. And I have to check on her.
Nathan: No, that's... No, that's very nice. That's kind. (Anastasia begins to gather her belongings) Do you need all that stuff to go make a call?

Quote from S03E05 - Signs

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