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Higgins: Here we are. (sighs) His name was Chet Baker. American, gifted trumpeter, unique singer and a h?r?in addict. He was tortured by demons, but they didn't stop him from making beautiful music. He's what got me into jazz in the first place, you know.
Will: Oh.
Higgins: You hear his story and you think, "There's nothing more punk rock than that." (inhales deeply) Then, on the 13th of May, 1988, he passed away on this very spot.
Will: Oh, wow. H-How was it he died?
Higgins: Uh, he fell from, uh, that window up there. But was it an accident? Did he jump, or was he pushed?
Will: And we're gonna solve that mystery tonight?
Higgins: No, no. We're just here to pay our respects to a legend. What led to his death? We don't know, Will. Mmm. We only know this... dr?g are bad.
Will: Yes. No, they are.

Quote from S03E06 - Sunflowers

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