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Colin: Well... (breathes deeply) my whole life is two lives really. You got my work life. Like, no one at the club knows. I'd... I'd like to think they wouldn't care, but... it's just easier that way. Then you got my dating life. Some guys think it's hot. Others say they don't care, but eventually they get tired and they move on. Then the club brought in Dr. Sharon... and she helped me realize that I have... an ache. An ache for both my lives to be my only life. I don't want to be a spokesperson. I don't want a bunch of apologies. All I want is for when we win a match, to be able to kiss my fella the same way the guys get to kiss their girls. And I know we can't fix every ache inside of us. But I shouldn't have to pretend it's not there either.

Quote from S03E06 - Sunflowers

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