Ted Lasso Quote

Ted: Let me ask you a question here. Is this anything? (hands Coach Beard his notebook) The way I see it, we've been playing too rigid, you know? Our guys need freedom. Go wherever they wanna go. Follow their guts, their hearts. Uh, as long as they remember to fill in the space that someone left behind. They gotta have one another's backs, that's for sure. But, you know, it's just constant, nonstop motion. Just going from position to position until positions don't really, um, even exist anymore. It's fast, fluid, free. With full support.
Coach Beard: You come up with this yourself?
Ted: Yeah?
Coach Beard: Congrats. You should call it Total Football.
Ted: Ooh, I like that.
Coach Beard: Which was invented right here in Holland in the '70s.
Ted: Oh. Hmm. You think we should try it?
Coach Beard: Yes, I do.

Quote from S03E06 - Sunflowers

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