Ted Lasso Quote

Ted: Okay, any questions so far?
Jamie: Uh, yeah, Coach. What's with the red string?
Ted: Ah, great question. In Japanese culture, they have a myth where they believe that all soulmates are connected by an invisible red string. And those strings are attached to each of their little fingers. Hmm?
Jamie: Okay, so why is it tied around our dicks? (players muttering)
Ted: Yeah. Well, you know, that was Roy's idea. Uh, but I'm pretty sure the thought behind it is that it is nearly impossible to not be fully aware of what your teammate's doing when y'all got a rope tied around your dingdong. Am I right about that, Roy?
Roy: Yeah. Something like that.

Quote from S03E07 - The Strings That Bind Us

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