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Nathan: I guess it's just us for the very first meeting of the... Drumroll, please. Love Hounds. (howls, chuckles) (stammers) I thought that we... we men could, uh, get together whenever we needed, every now and then, and just talk and help each other out with how things are going on in our personal lives.
Roger: Okay. Well, I'd love to talk about the stresses of taking care of my aging parents.
Nathan: (stammers) Yeah, I'll start. Um, so I... I've started seeing this girl, and it's going real well. I really like her. She's great. Um, but she's hesitant to label our relationship, and I don't know whether to give her space or whether to let her know just how strongly I feel about us being together. (breathes deeply) Disco, would you, uh... Do you got any thoughts or...
Disco: I've been divorced three times. (sighs) Never let them know how you feel. It's very expensive.
Roger: Okay. I re... I read this book that said, "If you like a woman, you should insult her."
Nathan: Okay, this meeting's over, and it'll probably never happen again.

Quote from S03E08 - We'll Never Have Paris

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