Ted Lasso Quote

Keeley: I tried to watch the video this morning, and immediately, boom, I was right back to being 15 again, reliving that moment where this topless photo I took for Jimmy Daniels was being passed around at school.
Rebecca: Ugh. Teenage boys can be awful.
Keeley: Mr. Daniels was my teacher. Oh. Well, men who act like teenage boys actually are awful. (chuckles)
Keeley: I'm not an idiot. I know there are tons of topless photos of me online. But those were my choice.
Rebecca: Absolutely. It makes a huge difference. Is there anything I can do to help?
Keeley: Restructure society so women aren't constantly sexualized while simultaneously being crucified for being s?xual?

Quote from S03E08 - We'll Never Have Paris

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