Ted Lasso Quote

Coach Beard: You know what this song's about?
Henry: Someone named Jude.
Coach Beard: Not just someone. A little boy named Jude. And one day his mom and dad decided to break up. Hmm, you know, get divorced. And that made Jude real, real sad. Now, Jude's dad had a best friend, and that best friend was real worried about Jude and all his sad feelings. So he wrote him this song, hoping that, well, the words might help him somewhere down the road.
Henry: The long and winding road?
Coach Beard: Hey, Henry. You have a great mom and dad, and they love you tons, even though it's weird they live in different countries. And I know right now it feels like you're in a sad song. But you, young man, you have the power to take a sad song and make it better.
Henry: Oh, I like that. Yeah, me too. But you know what the best thing about this song is?
Henry: What? (busker hits high note)
Coach Beard: This! (busker singing chorus) (all sing along)

Quote from S03E08 - We'll Never Have Paris

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