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Keeley: Jamie, this is not your fault.
Jamie: No, it... it is my fault. And let... Let me just... I just need to tell you. I deleted it off my phone way back when we broke up. I deleted everything. I mean, not straightaway, 'cause... (stammers) ...I did think that you and me was maybe gonna get back together again. But then you started going out with Roy, and that's when I deleted most of it. Well, like, half. But that was mostly out of anger, to be honest. Because, well... (stammers)...I think... I thought the only reason that the two of you was going out was to make me jealous. But... Uh... (inhales deeply) Then I saw it was real, and then... Then I... then I got rid of it all. I just forgot about the f?cking emails. It's so stupid. I should have been more careful. I should have picked a stronger password or something.
Keeley: Oh, no. Don't tell me your password was "password," Jamie.
Jamie: Yeah. Well, to be fair, I did think I'd fool 'em 'cause I spelled it with two S's.

Quote from S03E08 - We'll Never Have Paris

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