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Roy: Yeah. All right. (sighs) You got me today. Any questions? (reporters clamoring) F?cking hell. You. Five-o'clock-shadow head.
Reporter: Coach Kent, do you or the organization condone what Isaac McAdoo did today?
Roy: What a stupid f?cking question. (reporters chuckling) Course we don't. What Isaac did was awful. He was lucky he only got a red card.
Reporter: Okay. So why'd he do it?
Roy: When I was first coming up through Sunderland, there was an old-timer on the team. Local guy. He and his wife were about to have their first kid, so during training one day, I made a joke that, statistically, I was probably the real dad. And the boys fell about laughing, but he went f?cking nuts. He battered me. Properly. I had a black eye, chipped tooth, three broken ribs. I couldn't play for six games. He got booted off the team. After that, no club would go near him. Then in the summer, after I could breathe again, I bumped into him in a pub. And I got the chance to say sorry for my stupid f?cking joke. And he got to tell me... (swallows) He and his wife had lost the baby... (reporters groaning) A month before all that went down. He hadn't told anyone. Kept it all inside. Look, I get that some people think if they buy a ticket, they've got the right to yell whatever abusive shit they want at footballers. But they're not just footballers. They're also people. And none of us know what is going on in each other's lives. So for Isaac to do what he did today, even though it was wrong... I give him love. And as for why he did what he did... that's none of my f?cking business. Next question.

Quote from S03E09 - La Locker Room Aux Folles

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