Ted Lasso Quote

Ms. Bowen: It's Coach Kent.
Roy: Hello, Ms. Bowen.
Ms. Bowen: You don't have to call me Ms. Bowen. You can use my first name.
Roy: Okay, uh...
Ms. Bowen: You don't know it, do you?
Roy: No.
Ms. Bowen: Leann.
Roy: Hello, Leann.
Ms. Bowen: I like your T-shirt. You off to protest the Vietnam War?
Roy: Phoebe made it for me.
Ms. Bowen: Ah. You look different.
Roy: (inhales deeply) Well, yeah. I don't normally dress like a f?cking clown.
Ms. Bowen: No, I don't mean the T-shirt. I mean you. You seem lighter than the last time I saw you. Less... (inhales) ...stuck.
Roy: Stuck?
Ms. Bowen: Yeah, stuck.
Roy: Hold on. Weren't you flirting with me last time I saw you?
Ms. Bowen: I teach kids. I don't mind cleaning up a mess. (chuckles) I just hope that mess didn't cause too much damage.
Roy: Fudge. It's good to see you. Yeah, you too. (leaves quickly)
Ms. Bowen: "I don't mind cleaning up a mess." (scoffs) Smooth move, fuckwitch.

Quote from S03E10 - International Break

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