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Edwin Akufo: In the beginning, some people will hate it because some people hate change. But remember, at one time, we only rode horses and hated the idea of automobiles. Now we can't live without our cars, and the hot dogs we just ate are 85% horse meat. (club owners groan) Change is inevitable. Why should football not change? Why should it not evolve? Why should your profits not grow exponentially? (club owners murmur) Yes, the fans will protest. They will whine. They will make up mean-spirited but admittedly clever parody songs using our surnames and sing them outside the buildings that we own. But in time, they will come to embrace the superior product. Just as we have all embraced the automobile... the smartphone... the squatty potty. The Akufo League is the future of football. And the future is now.

Quote from S03E10 - International Break

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