Ted Lasso Quote

Keeley: Hey, Jamie. Look at me. You've got a lot going on right now.
Jamie: Mm-hmm.
Keeley: There's a lot going on, yeah. This is the first time you've played back home since you left.
Jamie: (exhales heavily) Ooh.
Keeley: The crowd's gonna hate you. And the person who's gonna be booing the loudest in the crowd is your dad.
Jamie: I didn't think of that.
Keeley: Yeah. And I know a lot of people are shit-talking your hair online.
Jamie: They're what?
Keeley: (stammers) No! ...Think about it. If you guys win tomorrow, then you will be on the precipice of achieving everything that you've ever dreamed of.
Jamie: Oh, my God. (passes out)
Roy: How'd it go with Jamie?
Keeley: Yeah, I f?ck?d it.

Quote from S03E11 - Mom City

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