Ted Lasso Quote

Ted: What you looking for up there, Jamie?
Jamie: Looking for my dad. I can't find him. It's freaking me the f?ck out.
Ted: Yeah, I get that. It's like when you don't know where Freddy Krueger is. 'Cause you know it's the second he's gonna pop up and stick that knife-hand of his in your face.
Jamie: Yeah, Freddy Krueger's f?cking terrifying.
Ted: Yeah, well, he had a rough childhood. And as we all know, hurt people hurt people. Sometimes they just do it with their knife-hands. When's the last time you saw your dad?
Jamie: Wembley.
Ted: Hmm. Y'all talk since then?
Jamie: Nope.
Ted: Hmm. Okay. If you could talk to him now, what would you say?
Jamie: I'd say, "f?ck you."
Ted: Mmm, yeah. Makes sense. Anything else?
Jamie: Yeah. Yeah, I'd say, "Thank you."
Ted: You know, Jamie, if hating your Pops ain't motivating you like it used to, it might be time to try something different. Just forgive him.
Jamie: Oh, f?ck no. I ain't giving him that.
Ted: Mm-mmm, no. You ain't giving him anything. When you choose to do that, you're giving that to yourself.

Quote from S03E11 - Mom City

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