Ted Lasso Filming Locations

Common filming Locations for the hit show "Ted Lasso."

  • 9½ Paved Court: Exterior scenes filmed outside of Ted's apartment are filmed in the laneway near 9½ Paved Court, in Richmond, England. (Google Street View)
  • Hayes & Yeading United Football Club: Scenes on the "Richmond Greyhounds" practise pitch are filmed at the Hayes & Yeading United Football Club, at Hayes England. (Google Street View)
  • Parking lot scenes behind the Richmond Greyhounds facility are filmed behind the Hayes & Yeading United Football Club. (Google 3D view)
  • Selhurst Park Stadium: Scenes at the "Dog Pound," the playing field of the "Richmond Greyhounds," are filmed at Selhurst Park Stadium, in Selhust England. Selhurst Park is the real playing field of A.F.C. Crystal Palace. (Google Maps)
  • The Prince's Head Pub, Richmond: Exterior shots of the "Crown & Anchor" pub featured in many episodes are of the actual "The Princes Head" pub, located in Richmond, England. Interior shots of the pub are shot on a set built at West London Film Studios. (Google Street View)
  • West London Film Studios: Located on Springfield Road in Hayes, and conveniently next door to Hayes & Yeading United Football Club where "Richmond Greyhounds" practise sessions are filmed. (Google Street View)

Ted Lasso Filming Locations by Episode

S02E12 - Inverting the Pyramid of Success (Notes and Trivia)

When Sam is speaking to his father on the phone, he is walking on a sidewalk along "The Grn," located on the southeast side of Richmond Green. (Google Street View)

The scene where Sam and a real estate agent close the deal for Sam to open a restaurant was filmed at 20 Thurloe St, South Kensington, London. This is the same location where Sam and Edwin dined in the previous episode. (Google Street View)

It may appear the final scene was filmed at the West Ham United Football Club home stadium, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London Stadium, however the scene was actually filmed at Hayes & Yeading United Football Club and the background was added via CGI.

S02E11 - Midnight Train to Royston (Notes and Trivia)

The museum scene, where Sam and Edwin spoke, was filmed in London's "Natural History Museum," Cromwell Rd, South Kensington, London. (Google Images)

The scene where Sam and Edwin dined was filmed at 20 Thurloe St, South Kensington, London. Note, this location is about two blocks away from the museum where they talked. (Google Street View)

S02E10 - No Weddings and a Funeral (Notes and Trivia)

Most interior and exterior church scenes were filmed at St. Andrew's Kingsbury, 28 Old Church Ln, St Andrews Rd, London. (Google Maps)

The scene where Coach Beard Facetimes Jane in front of stained glass windows, and scenes where Rebecca, Deborah and others wait for the funeral in a library, were filmed at Strawberry Hill House, 268 Waldegrave Rd, Twickenham. Note, this location is nowhere near the location where the other church scenes were filmed.

S02E09 - Beard After Hours (Notes and Trivia)

The street scene where Coach Beard and Red talk about his ripped pants was filmed on America Street, in London. (Google Street View)

The location where Coach Beard is kicked off the N22 bus was filmed in Trinity Square, London, which is actually nowhere near the N22 route. (Submitted by J. Garrett-Jones) (Google Street View)

The outside of the hotel where Coach Beard tries to get help from a hotel desk clerk was filmed at 8 Coopers's Row, London. (Submitted by J. Garrett-Jones) (Google Street View)

S02E08 - Man City (Notes and Trivia)

When Sharon rides her bike to work:
- The location where she is seen leaving her building was shot at Kingston upon Thames. (Google)
- The location where she rides on a cobbled streets with a White Cross building in the background was on Riverside in Richmond. (Google)
- Then she rides by Richmond rail bridge. (Google)
- Then back near Kingston on Thames. (Google)
- Then back to Richmond (houseboats in background). (Google)
- Finally, she crashes right back in Kingston upon Thames near where she started. (Google) (Submitted by J. Garrett-Jones)

Scenes at Wembley Stadium were filmed during the recent FA Cup.

Exterior and interior scenes at Rebecca's house were filmed at Pembroke House, 1 Pembroke Villas Road, in Richmond, England. (Google Street View)

S02E07 - Headspace (Notes and Trivia)

The scene where Nathan is walking up to his parent's house, and reading his phone, was filmed on Portland Terrace in Richmond. Nathan's parent's house is located near the end of Portland Terrace. (Google Street View)

S02E05 - Rainbow (Notes and Trivia)

Scenes at "A Taste of Athens" restaurant in Tooting, were actually filmed at Mediterraneo, 37 Kensington Park Rd, London. Also note how the production crew must have added a riser under the window table to make it higher and more prominent. (Google Places)

Scenes at Roy Kent's kabab place were filmed at the Embassy Cafe, 1 Mortimer Square, London. (Google Street View)

The location where the pedal-cab drops Roy off at the stadium is located near Selhurst Stadium, at 17 Park Road, Selhurst. (Google Street View)

The location where Roy asks for a ticket for Reba McEntire was filmed at Selhurst Stadium on Holmesdale Road. (Google Street View)

S02E04 - Carol of the Bells (Notes and Trivia)

The scene where Rebecca arranged tinsel garlands on the ground to spell "HI TED" was filmed in the square near Paved Court and the Richmond Green. Note that it is close to the location outside where Ted's apartment is filmed, but not in the exact same location. (Google Street View)

Exterior scenes where Roy and Keeley were trying to find a dentist were filmed on Old Palace Terrace Road, in Richmond, England. The location where they speak with the kid about pooping pants was at 4 Old Palace Terrace Road. (Google Street View)

Exterior scenes where Roy, Keeley and Phoebe visit Bernard's house and perform the "Love Actually" scene were filmed on Church Walk, at the end of Church Court, Richmond. You can see St. Mary Magdalene Richmond Church in the background. (Google User Content)

The scene where Roy, Keeley and Phoebe visit a pharmacy was filmed at Busby's Pharmacy, 9 Grove Park Rd, Chiswick, London. (Google Street View)

S02E03 - Do the Right-est Thing (Notes and Trivia)

The scene where Rebecca and Nora have tea was filmed at Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery, Mattock Ln, London.

The street scenes outside the doll shop were filmed on Church Street in Twickenham. (Google Street View)

S02E02 - Lavender (Notes and Trivia)

The scene where Keeley discovers Jamie was following her was filmed at The Press Room, 29 London Rd, Twickenham. (Submitted by J. Garrett-Jones) (Google Street View)

S02E01 - Goodbye Earl (Notes and Trivia)

The scene of Roy, Keeley and Phoebe sitting by the River Thames with a boathouse in the background was filmed at The Embankment in Twickenham. (Google Street View)

The indoor and outdoor scenes where Roy and Keeley join Rebecca and John for dinner were filmed at Gaucho Richmond, The Towpath Richmond, Richmond. England. (Google Street View)

S01E08 - The Diamond Dogs (Notes and Trivia)

The scene where the Papparazzo took photos of Roy and Keeley together was filmed near the Richmond Bridge. (Google Street View)

S01E07 - Make Rebecca Great Again (Notes and Trivia)

When Richmond traveled to play an away game at Everton, Goodison Park, in Liverpool, filming was actually done at Craven Cottage, home of Fulham FC of the Premier League. You even get a glimpse of the cranes from the construction of a new stands at the Cottage.

S01E06 - Two Aces (Notes and Trivia)

The scene where Keeley met with Jamie was filmed at the end of Old Palace Lane in Richmond England. (Google Street View)

S01E04 - For the Children (Notes and Trivia)

Exterior shots of "The Richmond Theatre" were filmed at the actual Richmond Theatre, 1 Little Green, in Richmond, England. (Google Street View)

Interior scenes of "The Richmond Theatre" were actually filmed at the Rivoli Ballroom, 350 Brockley Rd, in London. (Google Street View)

The scene where Ted and Rebecca are outside the event with the rickshaw is located at 2 Whittaker Ave in Richmond. (Google Street View)

S01E02 - Biscuits (Notes and Trivia)

The photo shoot where Ted met up with Keeley was shot on Richmond Hill B321 near the "Richmond Hill Viewing Point." (Google Street View)

Richmond's fictional Nelson Road stadium, aka the "dog pound," is actually Selhurst Park, home of the Premier League's Crystal Palace. Ironically, Crystal palace was Richmond's opponent in this episode's match.

The location where Higgins walks his dog and speaks on the phone to Rebecca about the paparazzi photos was filmed in the trees along Pembroke Villas Road, in Richmond, England. (Google Street View)

S01E01 - Pilot (Notes and Trivia)

Airport scenes were filmed in Terminal 2 at Heathrow Airport, London.

The scene where Ted and Coach Beard view the Tower Bridge was filmed at St. Katherine Pier, in London. (Google Street View)